10 Signs you have CANDIDA OVERGROWTH

Updated: Jan 25

At this point in my practice I consider myself to be somewhat of a Candida specialist. I want to share some of the Information I find to be most helpful for patients with chronic or recurrent Candida overgrowth.

First, we should talk about what Candida is. When we say Candida, we are mostly referring to Candida albicans, which is the most pervasive type of yeast affectinf humans. When people first hear Candida they usually think of yeast infections, athletes foot, or jock itch. All of these conditions are caused by Candida overgrowth but will likely return if they are only treated externally. This is because most Candida overgrowth start in the gut and symptoms of bloating, sugar cravings, fatigue and inflammation appear long before any external infections or rashes.

Risk factors for Candida overgrowth:

- Hormone imbalance, specifically PMS and estrogen dominance. I also see estrogen creating an issue in menopausal woman as estrogen Is going up and down for sometime before periods start. - High carbohydrate/ high sugar diet. Candida LOVE sugar, even more than you! So much so Candida bugs can actually secrete hormones that make you crave sugar! This also applies to alcohol since most beer and wine have both yeast and sugar, drinking on a regular basis is another good way to grow Candida in the gut. -

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