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I learned about Dr. Mari and her practice from a friend who encouraged me to reach out. I had suffered from chronic insomnia for decades. Over the years, I sought help from other medical providers who all made the same suggestions: “try Melatonin, do not look at your screen at night, or even worse, I can prescribe you a sleep aid if you would like to try that.” None of their medical advice addressed my underlying question – “why am I not sleeping”? I wanted to understand why, not what medication I could take to make me sleep. I understood the importance of sleep for overall health, especially as I am getting older, and how a lack of sleep was affecting so many aspects of my health – including weight gain. I was on a mission, and Dr. Mari was the key to my success.

Dr. Mari takes a different approach in her quest to find solutions for her patients. She spent quality time with me addressing my concerns, understanding my history, and genuinely appreciated my desire to find a natural solution versus taking medication. She advised me on the necessity of doing blood work to fully understand what was going on inside my body. From the test results, I learned that I am highly gluten intolerant, and this was wreaking havoc on my body. She counseled me on how to make necessary adjustments and offered natural supplements to address other minor adjustments needed based on levels shown in my bloodwork. With this new revelation, I was ready to make necessary changes. 

To jumpstart my new health journey, I completed Dr. Mari’s Green Reboot program. Completing this program was amazing as it totally reset both my mind and body in a whole new direction. It was intense but so worth the effort. Not only did it flush my system, but it was also the perfect jumpstart to my new healthy eating and mindset. Under Dr. Mari’s care, my sleep patterns dramatically changed within a few short weeks. I now sleep 7-9 hours each night, have lost 12 months and feel incredibly happy and healthy. I feel rested and regenerated for the first time in an exceptionally long time. It is truly an amazing transformation for me. I had no idea how my sleep deprivation was impacting my life. 

I am continuing to seek Dr. Mari’s consultation to help me move into the next stage of my life with the healthiest approach I can. As a woman in my sixties, I am learning how to eat healthier, pay attention to what skincare and makeup ups I put on my body, and the importance of reading labels on products. There are so many toxic products on the market linked to alarming diseases and medical issues. After fully understanding this, I made the conscious decision to ditch all my toxic skincare products, and I replaced them with natural organic products. I honestly believe these changes in my diet and skincare routines will contribute to a healthier me as I age.

I highly recommend Dr. Mari to anyone who wants to improve their health and address issues in a natural, holistic manner. It is never too late to explore options to improve your overall health. I am fully embracing the notion of investing in myself and allowing myself the freedom to choose a healthier way of living and pay attention to what goes into and on my body. I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Mari’s wisdom and wonderful care – and am fully embracing, feeling rested and rejuvenated. Thank you, Dr. Mari. 


Pam eliminating all Inflammation, Fatigue and Weight Loss Issues. Furthermore, it helped Pam develop new lifestyle habits and thoug patterns that enabled LASTING CHANGE!

UPDATE: 5 years later Pam is down over 40lbs and feeling better than ever!

Pamela's Transformation
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Ruth not only lost 10lbs during her green juice fast, but more importantly eliminated her Unhealthy Food Cravings helping her keep the weight off long term.

UPDATE: As of May 2020 Ruth is down 30lbs.

Ruth testimonial
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Murielle D.


I’m writing this testimonial to share the amazing impact on my overall wellbeing that I have experienced as I participated in Dr. Mari’s comprehensive detox/reboot regime.  It has been a life-altering event that I am extremely grateful for.

I decided to pursue this process because I was not feeling great overall. I was bloated, lethargic, and simply not well. I needed to do something to change my routines, diet, and get more physically active. I had fasted and detoxed years ago and remembered the positive results. I wanted to do this again in a more organized manner and I had been looking at options at Maine CHI so I connected with Dr. Mari for more details.

I was a little apprehensive about making such significant changes – at 71 I find that change is a bit more challenging than in years gone by! I decided that I would try it and the results were and are amazing, to say the least!  Eliminating sugar, dairy, and gluten from my diet seemed like a daunting task though it was really less complicated than I thought.  Learning about the impact of toxins and their presence in the environment both outside and inside was life-altering.

I learned that 80% of my energy goes to digestion so no wonder I was lethargic, I only had 20% of my energy tending to all my other systems… who knew!  I learned that fasting is not synonymous with starving yourself - it’s a way of letting your digestive system take a break, rest, and reboot.

I have become a conscious eater rather than a constant grazer.  I believed that eating multiple small “meals” would keep me healthy, now I realize that by doing so I was never really “full” after eating!  As I went through this guided process I also came to realize that though I was drinking lots of water throughout the day I was not drinking enough at one time to truly hydrate my organs.  I came to understand the benefits of drinking, actually guzzling, 32 ozs of water at one time 3 times through the course of a day.  I now know that if I’m feeling hungry it’s likely that I’m really just thirsty!  Adding daily walks and mindful quiet times for myself are also benefits of conscious living perspectives gained from this experience.

I initially lost 12 lbs and then 8 more over time.   My sinuses cleared completely- congestion disappeared.  My vision changed for the better. My blood pressure dropped to a healthier level. I began to feel calmer and more energetic over the course of 4-6  weeks.  I experimented with delicious recipes and continue to eat healthier – less processed food more intentional cooking. 

I have adapted to the partial fasting regime and am eating my 3 meals within a designated 8 hours.  Something that has truly helped with my overall health and wellbeing.  Beyond a doubt, this experience has truly been a win-win situation for me and I intend to stay focused on my good health with my newfound knowledge for the rest of my life!

So thank you Dr. Mari for helping me get on this healthy way of living!

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