Maintaining a Healthy Body & Weight as you Age

The purpose of the article is to share my health journey. Throughout my adult life, I have struggled with constant allergy-like symptoms and chronic strep throat. Most days it was hard to get out of bed and I would pound stimulants (coffee, energy drinks, etc.) to stay awake and productive.

Over a 10 year period (20-30) I gradually went from an active physically fit young man to an obese desk jockey. Now at 34, I am in the best condition of my life. I no longer feel terrible when I wake up and I can't remember the last time I got strep throat or sick in any way.

I will start by showing photos of myself at various stages of life (please don't judge my cringy photos >_<) and then I will talk about the lifestyle, nutritional, and dietary changes I have made to facilitate my recovery.

Age 20: I was deployed in Iraq and worked out 2-3 hours per day. I would eat 6 times a day to try and gain weight/mass.

Fast Forward 10 years

Age 30: Working as a Software engineer, restrict calories, chose nutrition-dense foods, ate and snaked throughout the day, but did not work out regularly. My BMI was 32.6. anything over 30 is considered Obesity, which has a long list of negative health consequences. Here is a BMI Calculator for those interested.

Fast Forward 4 Years

Age 34: Now I DON'T watch/restrict calories or work out. I DO Intermittent Fasting, and Multi-day fasting 2-4 times per year, such as Dr. Mari's Green Reboot.

Keys to my Health Transformation:

I achieved results in 4 main ways:

  1. Fasting

  2. Reducing Inflammation

  3. Removing Accumulated Toxins

  4. Gut Healing

1) Fasting:

If you are not familiar with the BENEFITS of FASTING check out this article Dr. Mari wrote about Nutritional Ketosis. For now, here is a summarized list of fasting related benefits:

  1. Rapid Fat loss

  2. Reverse and cure metabolic disorders

  3. Decrease hunger and remove food cravings

  4. Decrease inflammation

  5. Increase Mental clarity and remove brain fog

  6. Increased energy and physical endurance

For me the main benefits where Rapid Fat loss & Decrease inflammation.

Burn Fat for Daily Energy Needs

Through consistent fasting, my body has learned to be very good at converting fat into energy. For instance, after 7 days of green juice fasting, which is the first phase in Dr. Mari's Green Reboot, I took a blood test for Ketones and registered at 1.4mmol/L, which falls between 1.0mmol/L to 1.5mmol/L, which is considered to be the optimal fat-burning zone.

2) Reduce inflammation

I have been able to reduce the majority of my inflammation by fasting and eliminating certain foods from my diet. Fasting helps give my digestive tract some much-needed rest and relaxation. Digestion takes a lot of energy. Furthermore, in my case, certain food sensitivities and high histamine foods cause additional inflammation in my GI tract.

a) Food Sensitivities

Dr. Mari ran a food sensitivity blood test to identify foods that were causing inflammation and damaging my gut. Surprisingly to me, at the time, some of my favorite foods were ones I was most sensitive to (eggs, grains, & almonds).