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 Low Energy 

  • Feel tired all day then cannot fall asleep?

  • Hard to get out of bed in the morning?

  • Need coffee to stay awake and/or productive?

  • Find it hard to focus on tasks?

  • Unusually forgetful?

  • Feel like your head is in a cloud?

  • Difficulty finding words?



  • ​Wake feeling stiff or have a hard time getting out of bed?

  • Wake with puffy/swollen hands or face?

  • Wake suddenly from sleep with heart racing?

  • Hard time falling or staying asleep?

  • Any joint pain or swelling?

  • Constantly worrying throughout the day or new or worsening anxiety?

  • Chronic constipation or diarrhea?


 ​​Digestive Issues ​

  • Unable to lose weight when you try?

  • Feel bloated or gassy after eating​?

  • Suffer from acid reflux or stomach pain?

  • Wake with sour stomach or nausea? 

  • Experience constipation, diarrhea, or small pebble-like stool?

  • Need to wipe more than 2x to feel clean?

  • Don't feel empty after a bowel movement? 

  • Allergy like symptoms: Itchy eyes, itchy skin, chronic congestion, runny nose,  postnasal drip, or regular hives?

  • Wake congested or stuffed up every morning?

  • Constantly feel need to clear your throat?

  • Recurrent ear infections?

  • Constantly feeling run down and tired especially after eating?

  • Patches of dry skin in the eye Brows or on the eye?

  • Itching in the ears?

  • Itchy scaly dandruff?

  • Brain fog?

  • Constant sugar cravings?

  • Recurrent (UTI) urinary tract infections or yeast infections?

  • Athletes foot or toe fungus?

The human body is equipped with everything it needs to heal naturally. However, our modern world has bombarded us with TOXINS and IRRITANTS that HINDER our Body's Natural Healing Systems.

  Top 3 Enemies 

 of Good Health 



Inflammation is the number 1 root cause of DIS-Ease. The process of inflammation is natural and has its place in our natural healing system. The purpose of inflammation is to bring blood flow to the area and with it healing. But when inflammation becomes a chronic issue, due to environmental toxins (mold, chemicals, air pollutants) food allergens and triggers, poor eating habits (too much sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol) dehydration, and stress, it overloads and degrades our bodies natural healing systems resulting in a breaking down of the body and an increase in suffering and pain. This is why, If left unchecked over long periods of time, Chronic inflammation will result in symptoms ranging from simple things like bloating, joint pain, and headaches to heart disease and cancer.

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This is becoming more and more common in our society because of the number of chemicals, pesticides, and environmental toxins we encounter on a daily basis. A healthy person has a sizable capacity to deal with toxicity and allow us the luxury of living symptoms free in this toxic world. Women are more affected than men as women are exposed to more chemicals with lotion, makeup, and other personal care products. Many of which contain chemicals that disrupt hormones. Men are also affected by things like shaving creams, cologne and laundry detergents.  Many of these chemicals would not be a problem from time to time as you get them in small doses but when you consider the cumulative effect over years of daily use then you start to see the issue.


The problem begins when you start to reach "max capacity" and the liver gets backed up. Normally the first signs are headache,  feeling run down, increase in acne, or bloated hands or face. You may notice PMS worsening, skin looking greasy or dull, or reduced tolerance to caffeine or alcohol. Overtime liver congestion will lead to more serious issues like chronic skin rashes, waking at 3 am, weakness in the legs, difficulty breathing, and anxiety.



Stress is the major enemy of optimal health. In the US people are working an average of 33.6 hours a week with very little vacation. So much emphasis is placed on being busy and "productive" in our culture and very little value is placed on vacation, relaxation, and selfcare. Stress does not have to be work related though, It can also be chronic illness or perceived stress like relationship issues, difficult home life, past trauma, or chronic exposure to environmental stressors. 


Stress and inflammation are like the Bonnie and Clyde of modern health. They rob you of your well being!  Stress is one of the major reasons inflammation begins and is the number 1 reason healthy individuals develop digestive distress. It works by putting the body into “fight or flight" (AKA the sympathetic response) and increases our output of things like cortisol and epinephrine (better known as adrenaline). When in this state all energy is diverted to send power to the muscles for escape. Blood pressure increases, heart pounds, and pupils constrict. Digestion and other "Rest and Digest" functions like saliva production, digestive enzyme secretion, intestinal movement, and general healing/cellular repair are put on the back burner or turned off completely. You can see how this can be detrimental to digestion and your over all health if it goes on long term. When there is no intestinal movement or digestive juices food begins to cause pain, bloating, nausea, and later on inflammation of the gut. Constipation becomes an issue and detoxification is impaired. 

Why is Green REBOOT

so Effective?

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The REBOOT is so effective because it targets all three "enemies" at once. Inflammation is addressed with fasting, removing the major triggers. Toxicity is significantly decreased through detox and this starts a process that will be cleansing the body for months after the program is over. Lastly stress, this one is harder to address as we cannot always just quit our job or get away from our toxic relationships BUT we can learn tools to help identify and manage the stressors that may be harming our health. 

The REBOOT is not just a detox for the physical body, as you are not just a physical being. This program is designed to address your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well. All areas of your life will be encouraged to CLEANSE and release that which no longer serves you. 

Lastly the reboot is not a one time thing. It is a gateway to better health through education, inspiration, and empowerment. 99% of people who REBOOT will repeat the program at least once. Part of the beauty of the program is getting you comfortable with fasting and understanding how to support your body's innate ability to heal itself. 



than words!

Hear from some of our +700 Patients Healed



Pam eliminating all Inflammation, Fatigue and Weight Loss Issues. Furthermore, it helped Pam develop new lifestyle habits and thoug patterns that enabled LASTING CHANGE!

UPDATE: 5 years later Pam is down over 40lbs and feeling better than ever!

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