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Self Guided Reboot




This plan is self-guided. Since participants will not get time with the Doc. This plan is recommended for those people who have experience with fasting & detoxification and are confident they will not need Dr. Mari's support along the way. 

REBOOT VIDEOS: (1-month access) to 3 x 1hr videos to guide you along the way. You will watch each meeting and follow along in the workbook.

  • The 1st video prepares you mentally and emotionally for a full 10-day Reboot.

  • The 2nd video is for the transition from juice to soups and smoothies.

  • The 3rd video covers your dietary questions and gives an ideal plan for the future.


  • Tons of educational information on fasting, what to expect when fasting, daily checklist for phase 1, and phase two of the REBOOT as well as shopping list and recipes you will need.


  • Activated charcoal - Binder to grab and remove toxins as they work free from the tissue during the cleanse

  • Liver Cleanse - Major herbal support for the liver and kidneys. Because the liver is responsible for metabolized toxins it is working overtime during a fast. It is important to make sure we are supporting its needs properly. The kidneys are supported in this formula as well though water drinking is the nest kidney support possible.

  • Sunflower seed Lecithin - Lecithin works as an emulsifier, breaking up fat as soap does on dishes. We use it during the cleanse to break up fat that is being removed from the body and increase weight loss potential while supporting the gallbladder. As plus lecithin has been shown to increase cognition and memory, not a bad thing.


  • Organic castor oil and 100% Wool Flannel - During the program, you will learn how to properly take a castor oil pack to support liver function and increase the production of glutathione in the body. This is an ancient therapy and sometimes I recommend for every day of the cleanse and also to keep in your regular self-care routine.

  • Natural Fiber Skin Brush - Skin brushing is another awesome home therapy that we teach during the REBOOT. This therapy helps to increase lymphatic flow and circulation. It also helps to exfoliate the skin to give you the softest skin of your life. Many woman use this therapy to reduce the appearance of spider veins and cellulite.

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